In 2012 in Bukavu, Congo, there were 1000 people living in 1000 square meters with virtually non-existent services.
Today, thanks to “Need You” and its supporters, there are 34 houses, 48 bathrooms, 10 showers, 6 supply points and a pagoda for community activities. In addition, 8 classrooms were built for kindergarten and 14 for elementary and for the sewing school.

The project “Need You” is aiming to build 200 houses to improve the living conditions of all the inhabitants of the Bukavu area. At the moment, with 34 houses built and 3 under construction, priority has been given to families with widows and disabled children, but there is still a lot of work to be done because many people still live in tents.

For this reason, “Need You” is starting a new project: setting up a catering school in the central village-school pagoda! It will be necessary to set up a kitchen, a toilet and everything necessary to make the school efficient and educational. Therefore, “Need You” is looking for the collaboration of anyone who wants to bring his experience and is willing to carry out regular humanitarian expeditions to Bukavu to teach children. It is expected that 40.000-45.000 euros will be needed for the project, for which a fund of 10.000 euros has already been created and all possible help is accepted with the heart!

Those who follow us already know that, through the Dermo28 Cares programme, we have been actively supporting the charity “Need You” since April 2017. We are therefore delighted to inform you all of you that, thanks to your valuable contribution, we have managed to build the first Dermo28 house in the village of Bukavu.
We are very proud of this result and thanks to your generosity we can continue to carry out this project to help “Need You” to build other houses.

We thank you again for your support and remind you that donating your contribution to this project is very simple. Buy the #Dermo28Cares products (link to the page) or make a donation to “Need You Onlus” (Strada Alessandria 134 (ex Barbato Region, 21) 15011 Acqui Terme (AL) – Italy Bank: Unicredit IBAN: IT63 N020 0848 45000 01013 53990 BIC: UNICRITMM) stating “Dermo28 Cares” as the reason for payment.

Keep following us to stay updated on the progress of this wonderful adventure.