Sensitive skin is more common than we think and can be characterised by various problems including dehydration, redness, capillary fragility and irritation, so it will need more care and attention than usual. Initially, sensitive skin occurs through blushing of the face caused by high vessel congestion. These repeated congestions determine the permanent dilatation of the capillaries that become visible on the skin surface, leading to couperose.

Sensitivity can occur through different symptoms:

  • The skin reacts easily to external agents such as sun exposure, certain types of food and cosmetic products.
  • Hot flushes lead to a reddening that appears with ease, caused by an increase in blood flow in microcirculatory capillaries.
  • Increased blood flow in association with capillary dilation leads to a significant increase in skin temperature.
  • Sensitive skin lacks of lipids, so it is more prone to dehydration, less protected and less elastic.

Several active ingredients act effectively on this skin concern, all present in the innovative Comfort Collection:

  • Calendula: rich in carotenoids, has very strong re-epithelising properties that help chapped skin to be smoother and softer. The presence of flavonoids instead give it emollient, soothing and refreshing properties, essential for an irritated and dehydrated skin.
  • Argan: its emollient and toning properties make it essential for maintaining elasticity of dry and sensitive skin. By improving hydration, it can also increase the natural defences of tissues and reduce rednesses. The soothing action is enhanced by its antiseptic action that fights the inflammation that can occur on the skin.
  • Ceramides: the main components of the lipidic layer between skin cells; they form a layer that maintains hydration and protects the skin from external agents. A weakened skin barrier leads to sensitivity, which is why it is essential to restore the skin’s functions in order to have a healthy skin.
  • Ruscus and Horse Chestnut: Ruscus manages to protect and fortify the walls of microcirculatory vessels by fighting couperose. Horse Chestnut is rich in Tannins, Flavonoids and Aescin, which contribute to an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and vasoprotective action.
  • Liquorice: its moisturising, protective and soothing action is wonders for sensitive skin.

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