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Oxygenating and Revitalizing Treatment

Oxygenating and Revitalizing Treatment


This Professional Treatment is rich in active ingredients such as Clays and Phytocomplexes and is recommended for the most common body concerns.

The draining, vaso-protective activity and the absence of thermoactive and vasoactive effect, make this treatment the perfect solution to shape even the most sensitive body skins, including the ones with microcirculation issues and capillary fragility. Rich in active ingredients that guarantee optimal oxygenation to the tissues, the treatment contains vasotonic and protective extracts, such as Butcher’s-broom and Lilly, which protect the capillary walls and make them more resistant.

This professional treatment has an intense draining and revitalising action, which shapes your skin by restoring tone, firmness and softness.

For an optimal result, follow with the home-treatments most suitable for your type of skin

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