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Vitapeel and Vitapeel Plus

VITAPEEL AND VITAPEEL PLUS Specific treatment rich in Acid Fruits that deeply exfoliate the skin, without damaging skin’s natural functions. Ideal to treat skin thickening, enlarged pores, fine lines, medium and deep wrinkles. Thanks to its stimulating action it promotes skin renovation and guarantees smoothness, radiance and supplness to skin. Quick ShopAdd to WishlistAdd to basket REJUVENATING COMPLEX 30 ml…

Aqua Therapy

AQUA THERAPY A Professional Experience designed to guarantee optimal hydration to your skin. It uses an active complex of natural extracts such as Pineapple, Passion Flowers and Grapevine which, together with various fruit acids, is able to enhance the ability to retain the physiological hydration of your skin and to promote and normalise the cellular turnover of Corneocytes. The treatment…

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