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Anti – Cellulite TreatmentANTI-CELLULITE This Professional Experience is rich in active ingredients indicated for the treatment of cellulite and localised fat areas. Thanks to the presence of several Brown Algae, such as Laminaria, Fucus and Kombu, it performs a deep and powerful draining and stimulating action, supplying Vitamins and Mineral Salts essential for maintaining a healthy and firm tissue. The…

Localised lack of firmness

Unica BodyUNICA BODY A Professional Experience ideal to fight body stretch marks and loss of tone in localised areas. Stretch marks, considered subcutaneous strains, are progressively repaired thanks to the effect of Vitamin C, which has a healing and stimulating effect on Collagen. This is also an anti-ageing treatment that can reshape waist and hips, while nourishing your skin in…

Skin aging

Unica mani – Anti-ageing hands treatmentANTI-AGING HANDS TREATMENT A professional experience specific for your hands. The exfoliating action improves the penetration of the active ingredients, visibly increasing the brightness and the homogeneity of your skin. It promotes an intensive anti-ageing action, thanks to the latest and newest functional complex that ensures cellular oxygenation, stimulation of tissue activity and prevention of…

Capillar weakness & swollen legs

Oxygenating and Revitalizing TreatmentSKIN RELAXATION AND SKIN SENSITIVITY This Professional Treatment is rich in active ingredients such as Clays and Phytocomplexes and is recommended for the most common body concerns. The draining, vaso-protective activity and the absence of thermoactive and vasoactive effect, make this treatment the perfect solution to shape even the most sensitive body skins, including the ones with…

Stretch marks

Dry & thick skin

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